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Riverlea Group NZ provide quality outdoor products for customers in New Zealand. We have a variety of makes and models of sheds available on our website which are suitable for many different functions and budgets. Here is a breakdown of some of our top selling sheds and all are available to view and purchase on our website.

Duratuf Kiwi & Duratuf Fortress sheds


The Duratuf Kiwi and Fortress are guaranteed to offer the ultimate style and strength in an outdoor shed. Both sheds have full timber frames and include premium quality steel to renforce their overall strength. There are also a wide range of accessories available which allow you to customise your shed to meet your own personal requirements.

If you need a 'man cave' to store all of your power tools or just need a general garden shed which can easily be secured then the Duratuf sheds are a good choice. These sheds are also made in New Zealand so you know you are getting a premium quality product and value for money.

The Cedar Shed


This type of shed is the ultimate timber storage option and is also manufactured in New Zealand. These sheds have been around since 1987 and offer a lovely natural look which blends in well with most home gardens. These sheds are built with expert joinery preventing any condensation.

They have a solid treated timber frame and the whole shed is completely waterproof. This shed is one of the highest quality sheds on the market and they come in a range of sizes for different sized gardens.

Duratuf Guardian

The main attributes of Duratuf quality can be seen in the popular Guradian range. This is one of the most secure options which represents fantastic value for money. Don't be scared to store any valuables in the Guardian as it is an incredibly secure shed.

Duratuf Sentry


The Duratuf Sentry range comes in all shapes and sizes. There is a huge variety to choose from with different colours and models. Feel free to browse around and identify which model suits your needs.

If you are looking to store a lawnmower and other power tools then the Large Gable might be the best option for you as it is one of the largest in this range. The Sentry Shed is easy to build and has superior versatility and strength.


The Biohort range is growing in popularity due to it's size and security. The Biohort AvanteGarde is a common option and is available in different sizes. There is also an XXL option you can choose which may be beneficial if you want to use your shed as a hobby area or have oversized items to store.

Lifetime Shed

These fantastic sheds are made of plastic with steel-reinforced walls which suit NZ weather conditions. They are incredibly strong and are a great option for most homeowners. They come in many sizes and look brilliant in any garden. All Lifetime sheds include single hinged double doors which will open up to almost 180 degrees. They also contain slip resistant flooring which combats stains, solvents and oil spills. These modern sheds also include full length sky-lighting allowing plenty light into the shed.

At Riverlea NZ, we provide a great variety of premium quality sheds. If you haven't already visited our website come and view our galleries and check out our shed specifications.

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